Thursday, December 4, 2008

something fishy, and something with stars

a student taught me during my last year of teaching why it is important to throw starfish back in the ocean. He told me that many of them might be dried and no longer, but every once in a while you can bring life to such a creature simply by returning him to the ocean.

I'm in Florida and spent all day yesterday inside. I never saw the sun. Even so, I did think about the starfish story and the fact that Andrew Gott, class of 2008, is driving to my hotel to see me. He attends college an hour away from here.

We might find a way to search for starfish in the sand and, perhaps, we'll bring more hope to this world. If not, I'll always know that Andrew is the one who introduced me to this story and taught me the importance of promoting the best life for all those around me.

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