Monday, December 29, 2008


I read a play by Silas House last night, the Kentucky writer acclaimed for his Appalachian voice. His play, The Hurting Part, was about the longing to be home when one is away from their childhood. The script was fast and truly representative of a time that once was.

I also finished John Dau's When God Grew Tired of Us which, coincidentally, also brings in the longing one has for home when they are uprooted. Together, the two stories allowed me to feel the enormity of the world, but also the proximity.

Perhaps this is why I found it interesting that I allowed myself to review The Sound of Music, commercials and all, after finishing my reading. As a child, the musical was a seasonal ritual and watching it last night made me long, myself, for simpler times and the longing for hills being alive with instrumentation.

The point is, stories matter. Families matter. And most importantly, singing matters - even from those of us who can't sing a note! And check this out -- even the Von Trap family ages!

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