Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shoveling snow is better than shoveling $@$#

Our banks aren't this ridiculous yet, but we've had our share of snow-shoveling days. It is a pain, but I admit I enjoy it. I put on my iPod, listen to podcasts and make a dance out of removing snow from my driveway. Yesterday morning, I finally got to pushing the ice off, and I began with a cross pattern so that I wasn't working the driveway in the traditional way a hungry eater maneuvers an ear of corn. Nope. I chose to go Polluck with my shovel and see what I could make before removing it all. It's interesting to design with Mother Nature's beauty. Of course, I don't mind shoveling when I have time to shovel, either. The exercise is good and outside, the cold air cures my sinuses. Yes, early in this season I can say shoveling snow allows my teeth to show in a grin. Look at me being so optimistic.

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