Monday, December 22, 2008

Adams and Amalfi Drive

In 1986-1987 a girl named Sara began writing me letters. She beat me, actually, at a language fair and contacted me after taking the crown. The two of us have written letters back and forth since then, which means we've been pen pals for 22 years. We stopped during our undergraduate years, but as fates had it, I literally bumped into her at an environmental conference in California where she was there translating for Russian visitors. Since then, we've renewed our postal friendship.

We've also filled three or four books with letters and keep each other in check along the journey.

As the stars would have it, too, she is visiting her family an hour North of Syracuse and called to see if I was home. I was. She and her mother drove through the snow and, together, we went to an SU Women's Basketball game. It is probably our sixth time meeting face to face in 22 years!! There's something beautiful about that, and it makes me happy to know our connection will most likely continue for a lot longer.

Pals of the pen, are sojourners till the end.

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