Friday, December 19, 2008

Kadir Nelson, Abraham Lincoln & SudyRip

I stopped by Northern Onondaga Library today and the children's librarian gave me a copy of Abe's Honest Words because she thought I'd enjoy it. The illustrations are by Kadir Nelson and they're amazing. i continually question how we are text-rich society when individuals like Kadir can communicate a lifetime of knowledge in one piece of art. I checked out his other work and liked his piece "The Beckoning." I guess it feels really good to spend my days learning what I want to instead of being directed by higher education. Happiness is a library card.

Finally, it's mom's birthday!!! Happy Birthday! There's a theme to today's posting: Abe Lincoln, Kadir Nelson and Sue! Now, Good readers will be able to find this theme. Confused readers will be like, "What?" And Bryan is laughing at figuring it out himself.

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